The goal of treatment is to maintain quality of life of the person with dementia for as long as possible.

Early detection and treatment is critical. Although most dementia (including Alzheimer’s) is not reversible, SLPs can help slow/delay the progression and compensate – improving independence, safety, and quality of life.

An SLP can help a person with dementia stay as independent as possible. The SLP may work on attention, memory, problem solving, and higher-level thinking skills. Some strategies that the SLP may teach a person with dementia include

  • practicing learning important information;
  • using written words or pictures to help carry out tasks;
  • making “memory books” to help remember personal information; and
  • training family members and caregivers on how to communicate better with the person with dementia.

The SLP also can work with a person with dementia to make sure they can eat safely.

(Credits: ASHA)

Jessica Beers

(Owner & SLP)

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