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Speech Sound Disorders - Articulation / Phonological Disorders

SLPs can help you or your child say sounds correctly and clearly. Treatment may include the following:

  • Learning the correct way to make sounds
  • Learning to tell when sounds are right or wrong
  • Practicing sounds in different words
  • Practicing sounds in longer sentences

Speech sound problems include articulation disorder and phonological process disorder. Both refer to the way sound is produced. A child with an articulation disorder has problems making certain speech sounds (such as “s”). A child with a phonological disorder can produce the sounds correctly but makes patterns of errors (such as using them in the wrong place).

To learn more about what you should expect your child to be able to say, see these two resources:

Language Disorders - Receptive, Expressive

We can have trouble with speech, language, or both. Having trouble understanding what others say is a receptive language disorder. Having problems sharing our thoughts, ideas, and feelings is an expressive language disorder. It is possible to have both a receptive and an expressive language problem.

Language therapy is a very broad label for many types of SLP therapies. It may include:

  • listening and following directions
  • answering questions
  • adding word endings (e.g., past tense -ed)
  • forming complete sentences
  • vocabulary knowledge and use
  • literacy and storytelling
  • social language skills

Fluency / Stuttering

Stuttering refers to getting stuck on certain words or sounds. It can also include behaviors, feelings, and attitudes about stuttering. SLPs provide direct and indirect treatments for stuttering.

Jess is trained in the Lidcombe Program, Solutions Focused Brief Therapy, the Oakville Program, and dozens more hours of stuttering assessment and treatment education. 

Jess is a recognized Ally of Stuttering.  This Ally of Stuttering Seal recognizes Jess has a special interest in stuttering and has received intentional training beyond graduate school. The seal also recognizes that the Ally of Stuttering™ SLP is committed to ongoing training and professional development in the area of fluency disorders at regular intervals.  

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Neurodiversity

SLPs play an important role in autism treatment. They can help the person with autism build communication and social skills in different settings like home, school, and work.

Jess has immense experience in neurodiversity and ASD, along with additional specialized trainings. Certifications include Hanen Talkability, Hanen More Than Words, the Inside Out Sensory Certificate Program for SLPs, and Learn Play Thrive Approach to Autism. 

Hanen More Than Words and Talkability Parent Coaching Groups

More Than Words® — The Hanen Program® for Parents of Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder or Social Communication Difficulties

This small-group training program is for parents of children 7 and under with ASD or social communication difficulties. This naturalistic, family-centered approach helps you support your child’s communication during everyday interactions. It gives you the tools to foster your child’s social communication, play, and imitation skills.

Talkability® — The Hanen Program® for Parents of Verbal Children on the Autism Spectrum

This small-group training program is for parents of children 3-7 with social communication difficulties. It teaches parents practical ways to help their child learn people skills.

More Therapy Types

We also do:

Group Therapy (if appropriate and desired)

Group speech therapy often builds on language skills and provides provide children with more naturalistic environments to practice their skills.

Summer Therapy (don't lose the school-year progress)

Summer practice is vital for making and maintaining progress. Individualized therapy, group therapy, and summer “camps” are available to support this progress.

Supplemental Therapy

Supplemental therapy can provide more individualized / focused sessions, more attention, and more support for your child’s goals.

Therapy for Children who Don't Qualify for an IEP

If your child has speech or communication issues but doesn’t qualify for speech therapy at school (IEP), we can help.

Above Services are Currently Offered Online in California, Oregon, & Washington.

In-Person Services Offered at our NW Portland Clinic.

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