Here are 10 of my favorite videos for kids’ speech therapy in the therapy room or at home. They can be used for speech, language, basic concepts, and social language. 

Run the Red Carpet 
  • Kids love the movement/action in this GoNoodle video, which makes it another fun video for following directions. It can also be used for pretending or labeling actions and objects.
Freeze Dance
  • This fun video can be used to target following directions or imitating movement.

15 Most Heartwarming Friendships Between Animals

  • Use this video to talk about expected and unexpected outcomes, favorite pairings, feelings, comparing and contrasting, and overall joy!

Life on the Farm

  • Take a tour of farm showcasing  pigs, goats, horses, etc. Describe the animals, label animals, describe their environments, use for requesting, making animal sounds. 
    Baby Shark
    • Baby Shark! The repetition can be great for little ones in early language. Adults can sing part of the song and pause for the child to sing the rest. For example, “Baby shark…..”(child: “do do do do do”)
    Inside Out – Guess the Feelings
    Paleontological Debate 
    • Target: Perspective-Taking (taking over a conversation)
    Simon’s Cat
    • These wordless, animated videos are great for targeting narratives (e.g., story retell, answering comprehension questions), perspective-taking, and feelings. 
    Going on a Bear Hunt
    • This video/story is great for a variety of targets and ages: 
      • Target basic concepts, including “big, long, cold, fluffy, scared, over, under, through” and so many more.
      • Labeling actions and objects.
      • Add movements and actions for following directions, imitating movements. 
      • Pretending.
      • Target sequencing and retell. 
        • Google free activities online to print and sequence, or just have the child draw their own pictures. Cut the pictures out, sequence them back together, and retell the story.
    Letter Songs
    These videos are great for speech (articulation) and letter-sound awareness. KidsTV123 has videos for each sound. You can help children find those sounds in books, practice saying the sounds/words, or writing letters. 

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