Basic Concepts are fundamental to language. They help us understand our surroundings, follow directions and routines, and learn.

There are are a variety of basic concepts, including spatial, temporal, quantitative, emotional, and more.

Examples include: hot/cold, on/off, big/small, happy/sad, first/last.

Some ideas to work on basic concepts:

Farm Play: Put the animals on the barn, take them off, put them inside, feed the big one, talk about them being happy to play with each other.

Bath Time: Make the cup full/empty, put animals in the tub and take out.

Read: You can find books that explicitly target basic concepts. Or just pick any book and talk about what you see…characters happy/sad, under a tree, small/big, next to their friends…

Model into everyday life: Talk about feeling happy/sad, putting food on the plate, putting trash in the bin, getting toys out of the closet, looking under the bed, the food being hot/cold.

Along with asking questions, try to provide lots of modeling and comments during play and daily life.

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